Computer Assistant - U.S Embassy Colombo

Hiring Agency: Embassy Colombo
Position Title: Computer Assistant [Female/Male] - Open to all interested applicants
Open Period: 02/06/2020 - 02/21/2020
Salary: LKR 142,894
Work Schedule: Full-time - 40 hours per week
Appointment Type Permanent

Qualifications and Evaluations

Minimum of 4 years' work experience performing progressively more responsible work in the management, administration and utilization of computer systems and networks, PC support programming, hardware and software troubleshooting, training users on Windows workstation and MS Office applications is required. (Candidate must attach copies of relevant service/work experience certificates)

1) Level IV (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing English is required (This will be tested).
2) Level IV (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing Sinhala/Tamil is required.

Comprehensive knowledge of IT system management, installing software and hardware, fact finding techniques, programming languages, system analysis and design Knowledge of statistical and spreadsheet formulation.

Ability to develop course material for IT Training Programs. Customer Service Skills in identifying issues and providing efficient solutions.  Ability to explain and present technical information to users. Good technical skills to troubleshoot diagnose and resolve hardware/software/conferencing problems, maximize resources and system capabilities.  Ability to balance workload demands between the central system and individual user requirements.

How to Apply?
All candidates must be able to obtain and hold a Local Security Certification clearance. For more information on how to apply visit the Mission web site: (

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